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We've got your organic garden needs covered.

Stock up on all your garden needs with our sustinable, quality range of landscaping products. From green compost soil improvers to mulches and barks, get all of your garden needs delivered on your choice of day.

How we maintain & deliver quality

Stringent quality checks throughout production

Chosen day, nationwide delivery

Over 30 years of expertise

Trade Customer? Call the team on 01202 593601


Aggregate is crucial to hard and soft landscaping.


Compost & Soil Improvers

Composts are the best way to make your garden bloom


Mulch & Bark

Protect your beds, sustainably.


Play Surfaces

Play surfaces to keep up with life



SuperSoils, no fertilisers required.


Tools & Information

Find out how much you need




Categories questions

Q. How can I prevent weeds, slugs & other pests?

A. To prevent weed growth, deter slugs and encourage natural predators, apply 6-7cm of Eco Amenity Bark or Eco Woodland Mulch to your beds and problem areas.

Q. I have heavy clay soil with poor drainage and its difficult to cultivate, what can I use to help?

A. Apply 5-6cm of Eco Mix Coarse when the soil is dry enough to dig over and mix into the top 15cm. For very heavy soils add some gravel to planting holes too.

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